Fundraising Ethos

Headway Luton are always pleased to receive donations from kind individuals or groups that help us to improve our services for people with an acquired brain injury, throughout our area.

All donations are gratefully acknowledged and receipted in writing. However, you may wish to donate anonymously via our Virgin Giving website.

All private names, addresses and contact details of individual donors or groups are considered strictly confidential and will never be passed on to any other individual, agency, company or charity for any reason whatsoever.

Headway Luton's annual audited and published accounts will acknowledge all local authority and NHS agency funding, trust fund grants and/or corporate sponsorship, unless anonymity is specifically requested.

Headway Luton does not make any appeal for money directly to individuals by post, telephone, email or by street collectors, but may deploy collection boxes at suitable and approved venues or events.

If you or any member of the general public, or any groups, are approached to make a donation or to sponsor a fund raising event and you are in any way suspicious please contact Headway Luton a.s.a.p. on 01582 876729 for authentication and/or advice.

All monies donated are directly spent on the development of facilities and activities that help to support and enable our clients. No donations are used to pay core staff costs nor are they held in long term bank reserves or investments.

Headway Luton are happy to promote and support, to the best of our ability, any approved fundraising event held on our behalf by any individual or group. Unfortunately, Headway Luton cannot provide set up fees or organising costs for any event that we are not directly involved with.

Headway Luton reserves the right to refuse any donation or form of sponsorship if it is considered to be unethically raised, or if any association with the individual donor or donating organisation may bring the good name of Headway Luton into disrepute.

Finally, if you do wish to make a donation please only give what you can comfortably afford.

Thank you!!!